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Mercedes Benz ML63

This car was my first experience in dealing with a mechanical issue. When I bought it, the seller told me it didn't work, I wasn't afraid - I took it home.

Switched out the ends, plugged a battery in it, and it worked! Well, sort of. The car would only go in high, with one wheel working. Went online and asked a group of power wheel people, most said it was the shifter, but a power wheel friend of mine was convinced it was the passenger motor.

Ordered the part through KidTrax, slipped the wheel/motor off, slipped the new one on and it was ready to roll!

Here is what the car looked like in its prime:

Next step, take it apart and clean it!

The largest issue I had was dealing with the faded/scratched up windows. Turns out there is a tinting spray paint! The second issue I had was, I could NOT find new decals for the Benz. Thankfully my buyers did not care.

I really debated what to do for color and ended up keeping it simple and unisex for resale. By far, the coolest thing about this car is the radio. The speakers in the back work and are LOUD. The back also lifts up for better sound, pretty fun.

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