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Kid Trax Police Chargers, Where it All Began

Last year I felt like my daughter was old enough to learn how to drive a power wheels (2.5 years old). I saw a police charger, with lights, speaker, etc. AWESOME. Picked it up for $35, bought a new stock battery (silly me), and a charger cord.

The next thing I did was peel the stickers off and re-paint it to give it a fresh coat. Looking back, I did a really sloppy job, but it actually turned out OK. Slapped new stickers on it, and rolled with it.

Fast forward to this year

I started to flip these power wheels cars... I get ANOTHER charger, this one was in (cosmetically) better condition. The original intent was to simply swap parts, but then I got an idea to flip the one above into a SWAT edition, and add some subtle changes to the new one below (ignore the bag over the seat, I was about to begin painting).

The model you see above it actually older than the first one I had purchased. This is the difference of keeping these in your garage vs. outside... what a difference in quality.

Patrol Edition

I looked up some different patrol cars to see if there was a design that I could do to just make this cruiser a bit more custom. I ended up adding a chunk of white to the end of the car, and to the hood. Super simple updates, but really added just a touch of personalization.

After adding a few subtle decals to it, I was happy with the outcome.

SWAT Edition

Super simple paint job... basically black it all out, keep the decals to a minimum.

The top light was really faded, so I was able to purchase one from someone online and hook it up. I also updated the back tailgate to say "POLICE" instead of "DODGE".

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