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3 Old Dawgs

Late winter hit, and I got the itch to get back into my Power Wheel hobby. So I purchased 3 cars, each of them were $35... all 20+ years old.

The yellow one is a "Peg Perego John Deere Worksite Gator", the middle one is a "Power Wheel Limited Edition Jeep", and the last one is a "Power Wheel Jeep Wrangler". I wanted the gator to be a birthday gift for Bryant (turning 2 in May), and the other 2 are just flips.

The Gator

The Wrangler

This Jeep was by far the most work. It is from around 1992, so finding parts was incredibly hard. I ended up having to make the bumper myself, and simply adding plugs where the rollbar went. One way to know that the car is old... it takes 2 6V batteries instead of one 12V.

Here is what the Jeep looked like when it first came out:

A little bit of the process:

The Limited

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