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DIY Wedding Projects: The Good & The Bad

After getting over the initial excitement of the engagement, the wedding planning kicks in, the dress, the venue, THE COST. My advice would be choose a few parts of the wedding to yourself, and do research on other ways to save money. Taking on several projects for the wedding can seem fun and easy at first, but it will become too much when the other aspects of the wedding start flowing in.

We've all seen the best/worst Pinterest projects and food, so let's share some wedding ones.



There are so many ways to create a fun guestbook, this is an easy DIY project.

Table Numbers (for reception)

I've seen everything from using pictures with numbers on them, to simple cards, and glass cylinders with a semi-transparent sheet. Most decorators won't have an issue using something you've made, as long as it doesn't add time to what they have to do.

Thank you sign

It's nice to have something incorporated into your wedding that thanks everyone for their support, and gifts. This can be done on the programs, menu, or even a little sign on a welcome table.

Ring Bearer Pillow

My mom made mine, but it's not hard to come up with something unique for the ring bearer to bring down the aisle carrying the real or fake rings.

Flower Girl Basket

Same thing as the ring bearer, this can be a nice little basket you found, spray paint it, add some swag and petals, and you're done.



There are so many details that go into invitations. I suggest visiting one of the several beautiful websites out there and simply fill in the info. Do you need more info on your invites than a template will allow for?

TIP! Contact a designer! Designers will create something custom for you, and know how to save you a buck, like using an RSVP postcard, instead of an envelope and RSVP card.


Yes, I ALMOST did my own centerpieces, until I searched around and found a small company that was a fair price, and did a beautiful job. Centerpieces are such a beautiful addition to your reception, leave it to the professionals to knock it out.

TIP! Do research, attend bridal expos and talk to floral and general decorators, they will work with on what your budget and offer up alternatives you may have never thought of. Not only do they know what they're doing, you won't be depending on your friends and family to set up and tear down. Let your family and friends enjoy the day, instead of putting them to work.

Brooch Bouquet

This project is not for the average bride. It can be done yourself, if you're someone who pays close attention to detail, and has patience (I should know, I did do mine myself).

TIP! If you can't afford the $400 bouquet you want, provide your florist with some brooches to incorporate into a floral bouquet.

Room/Overall Environment Decor

Unless you're stringing lights from the ceiling, avoid. Avoid. AVOID.

TIP! If you can't afford a lot of decor, pick a venue that is beautiful on its own and requires very little decoration. Your decor is what helps set the mood for your wedding, and is what people will remember.

DJ or Band (overall music)

I have to admit that my husband and I did use an older iPod for the music during our ceremony. It was OK, but would have been better to have a professional nicely fading the music in and out. This is especially important during the reception. Who will introduce your wedding party? Or make special announcements?

TIP! Most places do a combination package that would include a photobooth, video, photography) at a decent price. Hire someone to at least man the playlist you've put together.


Unless you know someone whose work is damn near professional, hire. My cousin does BEAUTIFUL cupcakes, and I would hire her in a heartbeat, BUT since she is family, she was at our wedding to party, not to work. The trend is steering away from these huge extravagant cakes, and more towards desserts, but in general, the dessert table is still something people want to see. The dessert table is a decoration in itself, so make sure it looks appealing.


Use pies.

I recently attended a wedding where they used pies instead of a "cake" type of dessert. This was done really nicely, and was also delicious.

Do a dessert table.

Some people love cake, and some hate cake. Try providing different types of cookies and brownies instead. Have a small cake tier made for yourselves to cut into.

I have also seen little shots of cookies and milk, root beer floats, fruit parfaits, classic candy, this list goes on.

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