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Your wedding will be a disappointment

My favorite piece of advice I provide my friends for their wedding:

Do what you and your fiancé feel is best to celebrate the union of the both of you. You will not create the perfect day for everyone, and that's ok, because it's not about them.

NOW, just like your marriage... there is give/take to this.

Maybe you and your fiancé love seafood, and want to serve that as your primary dish. Do you..

A. Only serve fish and seafood.. because it's what you both like B. Offer an additional meat option, and fish C. Offer an additional meat/vegetarian option, and fish

The correct answer is... of course, whatever you think is best.

The other correct answer would be to evaluate your guest list and ask yourself if you know of any vegetarians, and then also consider that only SOME people like fish.

My point being, that yes, the day is in celebration of you and your significant other, but also take into consideration what may be best for your guests in order for them to have the time of their life... in other words, be considerate of your guests in general.

Your wedding guests will complain about one of these:

  • They had to travel too far to attend

  • It's too hot or cold out

  • Too much transportation to and from the reception

  • There's nothing interesting to do in between the ceremony and reception

  • You won't have the alcohol they like

  • Not enough slow dancing songs

  • Too many cliché songs played at the reception

  • Your food wasn't that great

  • You asked people to serve themselves with a family style dinner

  • People had to wait for their table to be called for the buffet

  • Plated meals were served, and they were still hungry

  • You served cake, they would have preferred cookies and brownies

  • Your family and friends had to get up early to setup or stay late to tear down

  • The late night food was gone before they could get any

  • The hotel cost was too much

My advice would be to consider these items above and think about what you liked/disliked at weddings. There's no pleasing everyone, so try to please the majority, and you'll find that wedding planning is a lot easier.

For the few reasons I listed above, your wedding will not meet the expectations of every guest, and they may be disappointed with something they would have done differently, OH-WELL.

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