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Bridesmaid Dresses: One Size Does Not Fit All

How does the saying go? "It's so cute, you can definitely wear this again. Maybe just shorten it up, it'll be perfect." No... they never will, and that's ok, so let's stop saying that.

As a bride, you're so consumed in making decisions for your big day, that you forget the feelings of your bridesmaids, or you just don't care. Either way, it's time to start picking dresses out that flatter the women standing by your side. Some options I've seen, include: ♥ Everyone wearing the same style dress ♥ Everyone but the MOH wearing the same style dress ♥ Everyone picks their own dress ♥ Everyone picks from a selection of dresses chosen by the bride So...what kind of a bride are you? "I want one look, everyone is wearing the same thing."

Ask yourself: Will this dress look good on everyone?

Think about weight, height and shape of every bridesmaid, NOT what would look good on you.

Most women are not rail thin, which means any type of satin will probably look awful. Satin has a tendency to catch light in our most unflattering spots {psst, the ones that stick out}.

My Suggestion Pick something that is more of an A Line that hits at the top of their waist and flows nicely down from there. Create shape for someone who may need it more than others.

"This is my MOH, and everyone needs to know it." Ask yourself + Does it compliment the other bridesmaid dress style? + Is it different enough to make a difference?

My Suggestions + Add an additional item to the MOH dress + Change the length of the MOH dress + Give her a custom made bouquet + Have her hair the opposite of the other girls + Give her different jewelry + Provide a hair piece

"Pick your own dress, I don't care." Ask yourself

+ Do you have a universal color everyone understands? {"Yeah it's a seafoam green, not a light green, but more like a blue green"}

+ Will everyone pick something wedding appropriate? {Every bride has that friend who likes to show off her large chest or long legs}

+ Does everyone understand your wedding style?

My Suggestions + Provide a swatch(s) to all bridesmaids to ensure they match the color scheme + Provide a few examples of dresses you like to give them idea of what to look for + Provide a list of preferred YES items and NO items

"I want everyone to be happy, but within reason." Ask yourself + Do you care that everyone's dress will be different? + Do you want your girls to wear the same color and different style? + Will they all be short, long, or a mix? My Suggestions + The dress styles look good seen together. + There is at least one dress from the selection that each bridesmaid will fit into nicely. + The dresses look good with YOUR dress.

In general, remember that the people standing up in your wedding are some of the most important people in your life. Why wouldn't you want them to look and feel just as good as your and your spouse do on the big day?

Check out this blog for more inspiration on bridesmaid dresses!

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