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Our Home // Kitchen Makeover

We can all agree that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. For our new home, we had to look a little bit more into the potential of these rooms, rather than what they were at face value.

Check out the progress of our kitchen from the picture on the listing, to what it is now.


They had in a laminate floor that looked like hardwood, but wasn't. The floor was also bouncy, so when we were getting our other hardwood floors done, we had the laminate ripped out, and replaced with real hardwood.


Pretty sure that's from the 70's (the birth of the home). That was also ripped out.


They had two lighting fixtures in the kitchen, we hated both and knew they wouldn't fit with what we wanted to do in the kitchen. The lighting fixture that is not seen in the photo looked like this.


Like every-single-room in our house, the walls, ceilings, and trim were all one color. The color change is minimal to the eye, but it helped with the makeover.

After ripping the banister, lighting fixtures, and floors out, the project REALLY started.

{My dad is pictured on the right admiring his amazing job}

Along with the island and bar, we had a new lighting fixture installed over the island.

Ryan's mom saw this fixture at Costco and thought it would work perfectly in that space, and it did! In the future, we will probably have 2 can lights installed above the breakfast bar for some additional light, but in the meantime, it looks amazing.

We are so happy with the outcome!

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