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Dressing Room 101

One of my favorite projects... my dressing room. Before you judge me.... my husband is totally on board with this room, and always has been!

I thought it'd be fun to show you my spin on a dressing room. Couple of things that are important to me when designing my room...

1. Clean

2. Organized

3. Feels like a shopping experience

4. Bright

5. Elegant

6. Fits my daily routine

My love for shoes has been around since... 7th grade?

"I remember being challenged to wear a different pair of shoes every day for a month in 7th grade, and that was not an issue for me."

Shoe organizer:

- Clean, sturdy, removeable

- Semi-inexpensive (from Target, stacked 2-up, here is an alt version)

- Holds body sprays in cute bin

Cubed shelf:

- Holds bins of clothing

- Purchased from IKEA (psst, add the legs so it sits up as high as a countertop!)

- Holds clutch purses

Paint job: Take a paper towl roll (just the cardboard) > wrap yarn around it in no particular pattern > slide onto paint roller > paint walls as you would normally with a roller.

Tip! Hang your curtains close to the ceiling and let them drape to the floor (for wood floors) OR just hit above (for carpeting). It gives the room the feeling of being taller. Same rule applies for your shower curtain!

A middle marker

The room is longer, so I felt it was good to have something in the middle of the room (this beautiful hope chest made by my grandpa) to sit on & fill the space a bit, why wouldn't you pair it with a fluffy white rug?

Utilize a dresser

This is part of an entire bedroom set given to me by my mom, from my great grandma. So classy, I love it, you'll see the vanity in a few moments.

Create symmetry

It was important to me that the room was symmetrical since the window sits dead center in the middle of the room. There is one shoe tower / cubed organizer on each side of the window.

Hang items on the wall for added decor and access.

This is fun because it creates an efficient space for your purses + is fun to look at and easy to quickly pair with any outfit.

Use a vanity

Pick something that you enjoy sitting down & getting ready at. Make sure you're in a room with a lot of natural lighting for makeup.

Organize your hanging clothes by color...why?

- Your closet looks better (psst, remember the thing about making it like a shopping experience).

- You'll get dressed faster (no need to search for that one back shirt...)

- Your clothing wont get lost.

- Putting clothes away will be quicker (you have 3 white shirts to hang... how many hangers do you think are empty in the white section?)

(See my post about how I organized my husband's closet, here.)

Thanks / I hope this gives some insight to what works for my dressing room. If you don't have a dressing room, there are other ways to oragnize your closets. That post will come soon!

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