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Creative Easter Basket Hunt

As long as I can remember, my parents have always tried to make family events as fun/creative as possible. Our immediate family has 23 people (2 parents, 5 kids + 5 + spouses, 11 grandchildren), so family gatherings are large, loud and fun.

My eldest nephew is almost 15, and the youngest is just a few months old, so trying to keep ALL of the kids entertained can be challenging... but I feel like my parents have mastered it.

They are both creative people, and love to come up with big plans for the kids. This year for Easter, they had 3 steps to complete in order to get their Easter basket:

Step 1 - Find your envelopes and un-hook them from the trees

Each kid had their own set of 10 envelopes with a color string assigned to them, along with a sticker (as seen below)

Names and color

Then, they had to go in the yard and find their envelopes hanging from the trees and un-hook them with a pole my dad had made each child.

Envelopes/Eggs in Tree

As the kids collected their envelopes, they put them around their necks, until they un-hooked all ten!

Phase 2 - Putting the puzzle together

Each child was provided one puzzle piece per envelope they collected. After collecting all 10 of their envelopes, they went inside and began putting their puzzles together.

After the kids put their puzzle together, the puzzle told them where their Easter basket was hidden (see photo below)... well at least and IDEA of where they could find it.

To make the puzzles a tad harder, they spray painted them all sorts of colors, THEN wrote with marker where to find them.

Phase 3 - Find your Easter basket

Some of the locations were easier than others, but when it said "Couch", this meant it could be around ANY couch in the house, so if you have a larger home, the search took a few minutes.

All in all, the event was a lot of fun for the kids and adults. Even though this was - weeks in the making - for my parents, they love to see their grand-kids have a good time from all the work they put into each event.

Check-out some additional photos from our family's Easter celebration.

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