Toddler Valentine's for Classmates

Updated: Feb 13

It's that time a year again, valentine's day! So now we have two children, Adalane (3 years) and Bryant (9 months). Adalane loves to paint and do crafts which is perfect for gift giving from her. The baby pretty much goes along with anything, so the wheels started turning.

I had seen some fun bag labels on and almost ordered them until I thought, wait, I am a designer, this could be a fun little project... why not custom make our OWN labels and make some cute little goody bags?

So the idea was so have Adalane paint on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, then I would design the part that says "Happy Valentine's Day from Adalane", and print right on the sheets, cut them down to the proper size, adhere the, etc.

FAIL - My laser printer was not having it... basically told me to screw off. On to plan b... scan in the best looking sheet, place the design onto the scan THEN print/trim/adhere, duh.

I got the goody bags from the Target dollar bins, then filled them with a couple treats and glitz from Micheal's. The custom labels were simply stapled to the bags... super simple and fun to do.

The finished product!


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