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My First “Power Wheel” Restore

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A little, semi-classic fire truck, YES!

Earlier this summer my neighbor approached me about a new hobby that we should do together... fixing up power wheels. We both have two kids and our kids love to ride them.

At the time, we had a 12V Kid Trax Police Charger that I repainted. It was super faded, so a fresh new coat of paint, decals, battery and charger later, it was all good.

One rainy morning, I was searching around for a good deal on a new project car, and I found a listing on Criagslist for two cars, FREE! My neighbor and I hopped in the truck and snagged them! I took the fire truck and my neighbor took the John Deere.

What it looked like in its prime:

Next step: my husband power-washed the fire tuck...

Next step: The next thing I did was take it apart the best I could and remove the stickers. WHAT A PAIN the stickers were.

Next step: I started to tape off and paint. Please keep in mind this was my first project, many mistakes were made and lessons were learned.

I was able to find sticker decals from a newer model of this truck by visiting the website of the manufacturer. Always do this in advance to see what you're in for.


  • Check that the vehicle works before putting any work into it.

  • Visit YouTube on how to wire up a generic battery instead of using the stock ones (MONEY SAVER!)

  • Use a spray paint can holder.

Lessons Learned:

  • Follow these steps... remove stickers, wash with dawn, disassemble as much as you can, rewash, lightly sand, use de-greaser, let completely dry, PRIME, paint, put back together, add decals, add clear enamel for extra protection.

  • Disassemble as much as you can.

  • Always prime, it is a lot more tolerant with taping and paint on it.

  • Do a light sand on anything you intend to paint.

  • Remove all sticker goo, the paint will not stick properly if you don’t.

  • Paint in a well lit area to ensure you’re getting full coverage.

  • Allow a week of drying before adding a clear coat.

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