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Old Firetruck Restore

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

At this time, I had already done one older firetruck, and two police chargers. The search was on for an EMS so we would have an entire fleet of First Responder vehicles. My thought was that I could take a "semi-truck" or something similar with a siren on it and transform it into an EMS.

I found this fire truck online and snagged it for $35.

This is what it looked like in its prime:

The first thing I did...

was hook up a battery and see if it worked... SCORE, it did. Then I began tearing the stickers off, sanding, and washing.

The next thing I did was go online to see if I could find the manual (this is always good to do), and sticker decals. The firetruck was too old, so the manufacturer didn't carry the stickers anymore. Eh, I'll figure that out later.

Tore it apart, and began priming.

This vehicle was ok to take apart, not the easiest, but not the hardest.

Then I got the red paint... OH, for this vehicle, I bought a spray paint handle... game changer.

Finished Painting

put it back together and I decided to roll with the sticker decals from Kid Trax (their dually). Put the stickers on, and they are peeling off... crappy stickers... I decide to tear most of them off and design my own. This is where I learned basic cutting from the Cricut... worked out pretty well!

Things I learned from this project:

  • Take photos of smaller items. In this case, I am referring to the water gun. Thankfully my husband was able to figure it out for me, yay!

  • I used a headlight repair kit to fix the top-front lights, but later figured out that I could use a 400 - 600 grit sand paper and some armor repair to fix them.

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