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Valentines Day Printable Cards

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so I thought I shoud get ahead of the game this time, and create some new variations of the card I released last year.

Since I am selling this on Etsy, I wanted to make sure it was easy to print and fold on standard paper. Like I said above, I released a "husband" card last year, so this year I released a "girlfriend", "boyfriend", and "wife" card in the same style, check them out below!

[Get this Husband Valentine's Day Cardfor $1.50 today]

[Get this Wife Valentine's Day Card for $1.50 today]

[Get this Girlfriend Valentine's Day Card for $1.50 today]

[Get this Boyfriend Valentine's Day Card for $1.50 today]

My Etsy shop is undergoing some big changes, but my items are still available for purchase, check it out here.

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