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JEEP Edition: Pink to Police

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

My good friend contacted me after I had started restoring power wheels, asking if I would do one for her son. Both of us are LEO families, so it was only natural to redo a vehicle to be police-themed.

Choosing the right vehicle

The boy that was going to be driving this was new to driving these types of things so I wanted to get one that was a bit smaller and had the option to go slow or fast.

This Jeep showed up on Facebook marketplace for $ far as I knew, it worked, and just needed a new battery, yay! The pick-up location was just a few miles away, so I popped in my car and went and snagged it. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but thought it would be good for our friend's kid anyway.

What needed to be done on this vehicle:

  • Paint

  • Decals

  • Battery

Issues I encountered:

  • Custom wiring. The previous owner didn't have the remote and had done some wiring changes to the vehicle. After doing some investigation, all we needed was a new battery and to hook a couple things back up.

  • Manual/Remote setting. For whatever reason, if you switch it from remote to manual, the car won't go in reverse. Neither of us knew why, but figured it would never be used in the remote setting, so let's just basically disable the ability to do that.

  • No decals. Since I was changing the jeep from a standard pink jeep to a police themed one, there were no decals made for that, I needed to make my own. I was able to call up Kid Trax and order the Police Charger decals from there and simply cut them up and apply where I felt they could go.

Di-assemble, sand, de-grease.

Prime and paint

Re-assemble and add decals

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