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Ford F-150 Custom Paint Job

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

My friend's gave us this little truck a few years ago for Adalane to learn how to drive Power Wheels. It was a great learning car... 6V, single seater.

This is what it looked like in its prime:

Another amazing thing about this little truck is that it came apart so easily! This car was in pretty good condition, so a paint job is all it needed! On to the prime phase...

Next up was the base (blue) coat.

I decided I wanted to do a flag at the tail-end of the truck (blueline of course). So I taped off the back area white, then slit the painters tape in half to allow for thinner flag lines, and added star stickers.

After painting it, I felt like the flag looked sort of odd and wasn't taking up enough real estate of the truck. So I decided to add a fade...and I think it turned out awesome.

Next up was to put it back together and figure out my custom decals. I saw some Ford truck taillights that were pretty cool, and decided to mimic them using my MIL's cricut.

Overall, this was a really fun flip, not to mention how easy it was, too!

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