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Men ask the best pregnancy questions

I previously wrote a post about some "offensive" comments people have made throughout my pregnancy, but didn't mention the funny questions people have asked.

Some of my friends have never felt a pregnant belly, or had a pregnant friend so to them, everything that is happening is pretty interesting. This is also my first pregnancy, so I am, too, learning new things all the time.

I find myself asking friends and family if they've ever felt a pregnancy belly or a baby kick while inside the womb, and a lot of people haven't! To me, it's such a cool experience, that I like to share it with people (as I am writing about it now, to you... lol). So if someone tells me they have never felt a pregnant belly, I tell them they can feel mine, and you would be surprised to know that people LIKE to do it... even guys. They try to act all shy about it, but then I grab their hand and put it on my belly and they get all bashful and laugh.

Anyway, here are some of the best questions I have been asked:

  1. Are you always full? You look like you just ate a big meal and are super full.

  2. Does the baby feel like it's part of you or a separate thing in your an alien.

  3. Do you have to poop a lot? I feel like she would be trying to push poop out of you all of the time.

  4. Can she grab your organs?

  5. Do you feel like you have a belly hanging off the front of you like a gut or does it feel normal?

  6. Can she fall out if you push too hard when you poop?

  7. Do you find yourself being meaner to people because you can't control your emotions?

  8. How does she breathe in there with all the liquids?

  9. If you fart, can she hear and feel it?

  10. Do you have that line that goes all the way to your butt?

I hope you enjoyed reading those as much as I love hearing them. I'm sure there will be more before the end of my pregnancy, so I will add them as they come along.

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