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My Favorite Maternity Shops

28 Weeks Pregnant

[Photo credit: Monroe Fox Photography]

I am probably part of the minority who began wearing loose fitting clothes RIGHT away. But not only do I like to look cute, I like to be comfortable, AND I was afraid of smushing the baby. Obviously that last part is foolish because at that time, the baby is the size of a poppy seed or so... but oh well.

Being a "first time pregnant" woman, I was unfamiliar with where to get maternity clothes, and how they would/are suppose to fit. I decided to look around and see what sites offered and try some of them out. Just like everything else in life, buy whatever works for you. Personally, I don't like to wear the same thing as someone else, so it was important to me to find a few different places to purchase from to ensure I wouldn't be wearing the exact same outfit as another person.

Anyway, on to my list of favorite shops:

Pink Blush Maternity

This is my favorite shop when I am looking for something a little more unique and elegant. There style is very chic, and makes me feel pretty. A great shop to look at when you're looking for a nice dress for a wedding, shower, or maternity shoot.

Plush Maternity

Mama Bump Rentals

I recently came across this site from an Etsy seller who couldn't design a dress for me in time. This site allows you to rent items from the site for photo-shoots or events as you need them. You get to rent them for a week, and simply ship them back. I thought this was great for my upcoming maternity shoot! Other rental sites: Mine for Nine | Rent Maternity Wear


Etsy, of course is a given if you're looking for something handmade/unique. The only thing to remember with this site is, most places require 4 weeks to make it. This can be challenging with a growing belly, but could be totally worth it to stand out amongst the standard maternity photo-shoots or maternity dresses around.


Always a good place for whatever kind of maternity clothing you're in need of, PLUS has reviews from other customers. Amazon is typically my go-to site on a daily basis because of the reviews and my Prime membership. Be careful not to get sucked into buying clothing that has 0 reviews, this should be a red flag that it may not end up being what you thought it was.


This site is great for the more edgy/trendy pregnant woman. Their selection is very similar to clothes you would find at H&M or Forever 21. They offer dresses, pants, leggings, blouses, bras, etc. I love that their clothes are a little more trendy than some of the other maternity clothes I see.

Other well known stores that carry maternity clothing:

Did I miss a good site? Share it with me and I'll add it to the list!

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