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Graze Snack Box Review

I saw a commercial for this product "Graze", where they send you a box every week of new "healthy" snacks. I put the word healthy in quotemarks, because everyone has their own idea of what is "healthy"

Anyway, the first box is free when you enter the code "SNACK83", so I decided to give it a try, here is my review of my experience and first free box:

What is

Tell them the snacks you enjoy (choose from over 100) > They hand-pick a box for you (you get 8 per box, except the first one, you get 4) > They send it to your work or home every week for $12.99/box (you can choose how often they are sent).

Sign up


- The website url was easy to remember,, thumbs up!

- They make it easy for you to cancel your "subscription."

- The website is easy-to-use/navigate, see photos below.


- They require you to make an account/input a credit card number. I understand their reasoning, but I was a little disappointed. (After the first box, you're automatically signed up to the weekly subscription of getting a box of snacks.)-

- It wasn't clear to me right away when I would be getting my first box free. I had to go back into the website and look... it was delivering that neek week.-



- It was delivered via USPS, and there is no signature required.


- Not sure, but I wonder if animals could sniff the food out and snag it if it was left out during the day?



- Good selection based on what I chose.

- The snacks were good! My husband loved the smoothie one in the photo below.

- Perfect travel size for work.


- Not much in the box. BUT I only got 4 in my free box, you typically get 8.

- Not enough in each little container. I would want enough to share with my husband for the week. Maybe the second box has more?

Next Steps

The box came with a little sheet that has nutritional facts/ next steps for another free box. They encourage you to go on the website and rate the snacks. Each time you do this, they will send you items they think you may like based on your feedback.

Now I wait for my second box! This one and all following will include 8 snacks.. look for my next review on my graze box.

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