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Art Deco Wedding Program

I was so excited when my hair dresser asked me to design some of her wedding materials, particularly because she was having an "Art Deco/1920's" themed wedding. I have never done one of those before, so needless to say this was going to be fun!

I started my research on her theme, and got to work! She wanted to have the program printed on something other than your standard paper stock, so I went with Stardream Metallic Paper. This paper is great for someone who doesn't want to pay for spot ink printing, but wants a similar metallic effect.

What is "Stardream paper"?

This paper has a metallic finish, and comes in several different weights. It holds ink beautifully, and can be printed digitally (which is way cheaper than spot ink printing). Learn more here

One particularly cool thing about this wedding program is the custom-made silhouettes of the bride and groom. This means, I use portrait photos of the clients and make an illustrated version of them -- this includes the wedding attire. The idea is to have the layout of the program match what the wedding guests will see when watching the ceremony.

Here is their wedding program

Contact me today if you're interested in getting this program for your big day!

The happy couple!

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