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Wedding Templates for Budget, Seating, Photos and more!

I've always mentioned keeping an organized guest list, budgeting spreadsheet, photo list, and seating chart. I looked around for templates, but couldn't find any that I could easily edit myself, so I made my own. These custom templates were extremely helpful to me, so I thought I would share them with other brides-to-be.


  • Budget template

  • 2 tabs at the bottom; one for overall costs, and the other to keep track of monies given to you by family or friends.

  • Note that the bottom should calculate everything for you, just change the specific amounts on each tabs.

  • Guest List

  • 3 tabs at the bottom; one is your final list and the other 2 are you A and B listers (harsh, but are are needed).

  • This template offers various columns for rsvps, maybes, rehearsal, etc.

  • I also listed out some proper ways to address your envelopes.

  • Photo list

  • This is the list I used for my wedding day. I found it so much easier to list them out as each section of the day happened.

  • This is best to finalize after you have your final timeline complete.

  • Seating chart

  • We found this was the easiest way to plan out where people were sitting. You can easily see all of our guests at a glance and move people around quickly. Our vendor uses this exact template for the wedding day.

  • Also note the colored areas for vegetarian, children or other meal selections.

  • Ceremony/Reception Q/A sheet

  • Print this out before every meeting with potential locations. It's perfect for comparing the positives and negatives of each company.

  • You could also highlight some of the most important questions for quick skimming.

Downloading the templates

  • If you have a gmail account

  • Click the link(s) above for whatever template you want

  • File > Make a copy...

  • This will make a copy so that you can edit the document as you want

  • It has also been added to your Google Drive account

  • From here, you can put it into your wedding folder on your Google Drive

  • If you don't have a gmail account

  • Click the link(s) above for whatever template you want

  • File > Download as...

  • Pick whichever applies to you (you'll probably want excel)

  • From here, you can edit the document as you want

They are set up to automatically calculate (if needed), so you should just have to edit any existing numbers, or simply just start filling them in.

Have fun!

Email me if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.

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