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2014 in Review: Cheers to 2015!

Last year I kicked off my blog with what I wanted to do in 2014. Below I will review how I did with accomplishing those goals, and what my goals for 2015 are.


Write more {Accomplished!}

This was my first year writing in a blog. It focused on wedding planning and house stuff. I might start adding more to the blog besides those this year.

Diet and Exercise {Semi-Accomplished!}

The first half of the year I did really well with this, then we put our home on the market, sold it, moved and had a new house to overhaul. In October, my husband and I were feeling pretty good about where we were on the house and unfortunately didn't start back up at the gym.

Instead, we continued to play sports, and I ended up tearing my ACL mid November. I am hoping to get cleared for surgery mid February.

Update my website and get on other third party sites {Semi-Accomplished!}

I was able to get up and going with some of my latest projects. I also added a few new services. Currently, some of my invites are set up for templates on

Overall, 2014 was semi-accomplished based off of the goals I wanted. Here's to fully accomplishing my 2015 goals!

2015 Goals!

There are so many different ways to design an envelope, and I think it would be awesome to learn some calligraphy as a new service.

My husband is a police officer, so naturally we have guns in our home. I want to take this course to have a better understanding of how guns work if they are going to be in my home.

As you read above, I tore my ACL in mid November. At this point, I am hoping to have surgery in mid - late February.

I want to find fun dates to take with my husband. Whether we do race car driving, or just riding bikes to the ice cream shop. Something to get us moving and doing things together.

This year, I want to get more of my work up on other sites, like Etsy, VistaPrint, RedBubble and more on Zazzle.

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